PROXIMITY - C100 - How to Change the IP Address

Your Clock has a default IP address of Check with your IT Administrator that this is compatible with your network. If it is not, the IP address must be changed.  

To change the IP address in the clock:

1.      Press the Menu Button

2.      Scan the Clock with the Admin Card

3.      Use the arrow keys to highlight the ‘Comm Opt’ option and press OK

4.      Use the arrow keys to highlight the ‘IP Address' Option and press OK

5.      Use the keypad to enter the IP address

6.      Press OK to save

Changes to the default IP address must also be entered into your ClockRite software. In order to do this, click the ‘Clock Operations’ button  on the top toolbar of your ClockRite software. This will open the clock screen. Click the ‘Clock\Modem Setup’ button  on the lower toolbar of the Clock Operation screen. Here you will see the default IP address for the clock. Change this to the new IP address and ensure the 'Display' option is set to Black and White

If you have more than one clock, click the ‘Add New’  button on the lower toolbar. Each clock must have a different IP address. Once  changes have been made, save  and close  the 'Clock\Modem Setup' screen. 

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