Multi Tone Sounder - SONF1

Our multi tone sounder can be configured for 7 different tones.  End users can change the tone using the dip switches provided.

It is compatible with our current Terminals.

Volume: 100db at 100m

Input voltage: 12 - 24v DC.  (We always advise 12v)

Input Connectors 

Current mA: 35mA (based on 12v)

IP Rating: IP55

Dimensions in mm

Tone 1 800/1000Hz @ 0.25 sec Alternating  


Tone 2 500/1200Hz @ 0.3Hz 0.5 sec Slow Whoop 


Tone 3 1200/500Hz @ 1Hz - DIN / PFEER P.T.A.P.  


Tone 4 544Hz (100mS)/440Hz (400mS) - NF S 32-001  


Tone 5 Bell 


Tone 6 800/1000Hz @ 7Hz Sweeping 


Tone 7 500-1200Hz 3.75sec /0.25sec. Australian Evac. 


Configuring the Dip Switches for different tones

There are 2 dip switch link pins provided.  These attach to the highlighted 6 pin block

****IMPORTANT NOTE: Only use a 12 volt bell with these clocks****

The sounder should be mounted on a wall

The back box is drilled as required to mount on the wall. 

Note the correct orientation of the back box as indicated by the arrow. 

The supplied power supplier unit (PSU) need to be modified.

Remove the small end from the PSU and strip the wires

Connect the +ive wire (identified with dashes along the wiring) to the Purple wire,  the  Grey wire to unmarked bell cable and the –ve wire to the bell marked cable 

Connect the shown below.


You can connect up to 2 sounders in parallel

Please see the wiring guide below

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