Getting Started - 1.1 - Single PC Install

Installing your ClockRite Software on a Single PC

You will need:
  1. The ClockRite attachment from the 'ClockRite Order' Email we sent when your System was dispatched. Make sure the ClockRite attachment has been downloaded before you start. 
  2. The password from the Email titled 'ClockRite Licence Login Details'. We sent this to you when your System was dispatched. You'll need this in order to Validate your Software once it has been installed.

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Installing the Software via USB

If you purchased a ClockRite USB Drive with your System you will find all the relevant Installation files on the USB Drive inside a folder named 'Installation.' Simply open this folder and Right click on the  setup.exe file. Select Run as Administrator and answer Yes to any Windows notifications that appear, then follow the onscreen prompts to complete the installation. Once the Software is Installed, skip ahead to Validating the Software

Downloading the ClockRite Software


Click here to download your ClockRite Software. A new window will open, and you'll be prompted for a password. Enter '1234', and click on the View/Download option to begin the download.
Password = 1234

 you're using Google Chrome, you may need to enable popups on the download page in order to download the installation file. To do this, click on the 'popup blocked' icon in the far right of your browser bar and select the 'Always allow' option, then click Done

Installing the Program

Navigate to your downloads folder. (If you specified a different folder when downloading the Installation file, you'll need to go there instead). 
Locate the file (317 refers to the version number, which may differ slightly). The setup file is contained within this .zip file, and must be extracted. Right click on the file, and select Extract All...
You'll see the following screen. If you'd like to extract the setup file to a specific location you can do so using the Browse option, but it isn't necessary to do so. Check the Show extracted files when complete box, and click Extract when you're ready to extract the files.
A new folder called 'CRsetup317' will be created. This folder contains the extracted setup file CRsetup317.exe. Don't click on it yet; you'll need to add the database files to this folder before the setup.exe file is run.
Head back to your 'downloads' folder and locate the file. The database is contained within this .zip file, and also needs to be extracted. Right click on the file and select Extract all...
You'll see the following screen. The database file needs to be extracted to the 'CRsetup317' folder you created earlier. Press the 'Browse' button and locate 'CRsetup317, which is most likely in your 'downloads' folder unless you specified a different location during step 3. Make sure the 'Show extracted files when complete' box is checked, and click 'Extract' when you're ready to extract the database files.
Two files ( ClockRite.mdb and DBClockRite.mdb) will be extracted. Your 'CRsetup317' folder should now look like the screenshot below. 
Right click on the CRsetup317.exe file and select Run as Administrator.
ClockRite will begin installing on your PC. Answer  Yes to any Windows notifications that appear and follow the onscreen prompts to progress the installation. As a final step, the installer will give you the option to choose a location for your Database. Click OK.

Launch the Software using the desktop icon.
We strongly recommend adding the C:\ClockRite folder to your Anti-Virus exclusions list in order to prevent possible conflicts. For information on how to do this please contact your IT provider or consult the user instructions of your Anti-Virus program.

Validating the Software

You Will Need: the password from the email titled 'ClockRite Licence Login  Details'. We sent this to you when your System was dispatched.  
The first time you open the ClockRite Software you'll see the following message. Please make a note of the Licence and Registration numbers (yours will be different to those shown here) and go to the registration page.  
The registration page will ask you to login with a Username and Password . Your Username is the email address you gave us when you ordered the System. The Password was sent via email with the subject 'ClockRite Licence Login Details' when your order was dispatched. Enter these details and click Login
Once you're logged in you can enter the Licence and Registration numbers supplied by the ClockRite Software in step 1. Press Calculate to generate your validation code.
The system will then display your validation code. (Yours will be different to the one shown here). Make a note of the number, and head back to the ClockRite Software.
Enter the validation code in the ClockRite Software and press OK to launch the program.

Setting a Backup Location

It is very important to set a secure backup location when installing the ClockRite Software. A secure backup ensures that Time & Attendance data is not irretrievably lost in the event of a PC failure, virus, or other such technical issues. 

By default, ClockRite will create a backup file on your computer's C: Drive. We strongly recommend setting a new backup location following the steps below, particularly if the Software is only installed on one PC. 

Open the ClockRite Software and select 'File', then 'File Locations'. 
Use the 'Browse' option next to the 'Backup File Location' field to navigate to your chosen backup location and click OK. In the example below, a folder named ClockRite Backups has been created on our Network Drive.

If you choose to backup to a USB or External Drive, it's important to remember that a successful backup can only be performed when the Drive is plugged into your computer. USB Drives can sometimes be assigned a different drive letter (E, F, G, etc) each time they are inserted into a PC, so ensure the drive letter shown in the Backup File Location field matches that of the USB Drive before attempting to backup.  

If you're setting up your ClockRite System for the first time, you can now start enrolling Employees into the Software. Alternatively, head back to the Setup Overview

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