Getting Started - 1 - Your Step By Step Getting Started Guide For ClockRite

The large icons to the right of each step will open detailed instructions in a new window. 


LINK TO SEARCH PAGE - explenation

Step 1: Download your ClockRite Software

Click the icon on the right to go to the download page.
The window that opens will prompt you for a password,
which you can find on the  What's in the Box document
that came with your system. Click on the link to begin the download.

Download Version 4.0.285
Step 2: Install your ClockRite Software

Once the download is complete you'll find the setup file in your 
downloads folder. It's always best to install programs under an 
administrator login or an account with full administrator privileges.
We recommend contacting your IT System Administrator if you're unsure
whether you have these privileges.     
Installing The Software
Step 3: Validate Your ClockRite Software

Before you launch the ClockRite program you'll need to obtain a
licence and registration code by validating the software online. 
To do this you will need to go to the  Registration Page and enter
the username and password sent to you via email.  

Step 4: Enrolling your Workforce in the Software

Once your ClockRite Software has been validated you can begin
enrolling people in the system. It's only necessary to enter 
employee's names at this stage; shift groups and other
information can be entered later.  

Adding Employees
Step 5: Install the Clocking Terminal

The Clocking Terminal can now be installed in a 
suitable location. Some models (such as our facial recognition system)
should be installed at a specific height for most effective use. Follow the
icon on the right for detailed instructions on how best to install your 
specific Clocking Terminal. 

Installing The Clocking Terminal
Step 6: Configure Network Settings

Follow the icon on the right for detailed instructions on how to connect 
your specific Clocking Terminal to your network. 

If you gave us your network details when purchasing the System
everything should work straight out of the box.

If you are intending to download information via USB you can skip this step. 

Configuring The Network
Step 7: Send Employee Details to the Clock

Once the Clock is configured on your network you can upload the profiles 
created during Step 4. It's best to send all details to the Clock in one go, 
but you can re-send updated information whenever necessary
Send Employees To The Clocking Terminal
Step 8: Register Employees at the Clocking Terminal

After your employee profiles have been sent to the Clocking Terminal you 
can begin registering their fingerprints or facial templates.

If you have purchased a Proximity Clocking System, employees can begin
clocking right away using the numbered cards or fobs provided. 

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